EL78 | Building a true European defence requires a thorough reform of the Treaties

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The European Letter is back and it is dedicated to theme of the defense.

"The threat to European security posed by Russian imperialism is forcing Europeans to face the question of the need to equip themselves with a common defence, to become capable of protecting themselves.
The European Letter wants to contribute to this debate by explaining that a true European defence is not credible unless there are those transfers of sovereignty at the European level to give endow the Union with its true autonomy of government, not only by freeing itself from the vetoes and blackmail of the member states, but also by creating the conditions for expressing a genuine European general interest.

The European Letter is published in 7 languages - from the edition 77 - under the auspices of the Luciano Bolis European Foundation in cooperation with the Union of European Federalists.

The European Letter is a periodical publication started in 1997 with the aim of stimulating political debate in national parliaments and governments, and in the European Parliament.

The European Letter 78 entitled "Building a true European defence requires a thorough reform of the Treaties", is sent to parliamentarians in the following legislative bodies:

  • European Parliament
  • Bundestag
  • Parliament of the French Republic
  • Parliament of the Italian Republic
  • Cortes generales (Spanish Parliament)
  • Nationalrat (Austrian Parliament)
  • Belgian Federal Parliament
  • Hellenic Parliament
  • Parlamentul României

Here the version avaiable: