Auditing Commettee

It consist of two members elected by the Federal Committee at its first meeting after the Congress. It oversees the finances of the UEF and produces a report accompanying the Treasurer's report.

The current Auditing Committee members are:

  • Matteo RONCARA'

  • Emilia CHEHTOVA | She has joined the Auditing Committee of UEF after having served 6 years as one of the three internal auditors of JEF Europe. She has been an active member of JEF Bulgaria since 2010 and now is joining respectively the UEF section in Bulgaria. She has over a decade of experience in policy, finance and programme/project management. Previously she worked as a policy officer at the European Commission. She had worked also in the Financial Mechanism Office of EFTA, European Parliament as well as a consultant in the World Bank. Emilia has also experience in corporate accounting and reporting in the private sector. Emilia holds a Master degree in finance and a Bachelor's in economics.