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Young federalists can organise themselves, in an autonomous organisation: the Young European Federalists (JEF Europe). The relationship between JEF and the U.E.F. are determined by an agreement approved by the Federal Committee (from UEF Statutes).

JEF has about 15,000 members in 31 widely autonomous national sections, which are coordinated by a European umbrella organisation, JEF Europe. It is an International association without lucrative purpose (IVZW/AISBL) under Belgian law. The European Secretariat is based in Brussels.

The founding Congress for the “Young European Federalists” was held in Luxembourg on 25 and 26 March 1972.

Young European Federalists,
Rue d’Arlon 53, 1040 Brussels – Belgium


UEF is an associated organization of WFM-IGP.

Founded in 1947, the World Federalist Movement is a non-profit, non-partisan organization committed to the realization of global peace and justice through the development of democratic institutions and the application of international law.

The Institute of Global Policy was instituted in 1983 as the primary education mechanism of WFM and seeks to promote better understanding of the UN and other international organizations. It serves as a research and policy institute dedicated to the promotion of human security, international justice, the prevention of armed conflict and the protection of civilians.

Contact to WFM-IGP

The network of federalist-minded Members of the European Parliament. The Group aims to “find a federal majority among members of the European Parliament on important subjects” and reinvigorate the endeavour for federalisation of the European Union (EU). Among the main objectives of the Group are the commitment to the strengthening of European integration and the desire to defend and relaunch the role of the European Union institutions.

Named after Altiero Spinelli, founder of the Union of European Federalists (UEF) and one of the founding father of the European integration, the Spinelli Group was created in September 2010 in the European Parliament in Brussels by MEP Guy Verhofstadt (RENEW), former MEPs Daniel Cohn-Bendit and Sylvie Goulard, and former EP Vice President Isabelle Durant.

The Group is composed of MEPs belonging to different political families who pursue the objective of the federal reform of the European Union.

Sandro Gozi, MEP of the Renew Europe Group in the European Parliament, is the current President of the Spinelli Group since October 2022.

UEF is the Secretariat of the Spinelli Group.

Contact to The Spinelli Group: spinelligroup@federalists.eu
Website: https://thespinelligroup.eu/

The European Movement International is a lobbying association that coordinates the efforts of associations and national councils with the goal of promoting European integration, and disseminating information about it.

Since 1948, the European Movement has lobbied for further integration, on numerous subjects. It worked in favour of the direct election of the European Parliament by all European citizens, in favour of the Treaty on the European Union (the Maastricht Treaty) and also for a European Constitution.

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) represents a wide range of national civil society organisations, from employers’ organisations and trade unions to consumer groups and social, educational, development and environmental organisations, just to name a few. In 2004, the Committee decided to set up a Liaison Group with European civil society organisations and networks in order to better represent and coordinate with the organisations active at EU level, and so play to the full its role as a bridge and major channel of communication between the EU and these European organisations. Aiming for stronger and more structured cooperation with these organisations and networks, the Liaison Group is designed to forge links and provide a forum for political dialogue.

UEF is a organization member.

The Civil Society Days 

The annual Civil Society Days are the major Liaison Group initiative, organised jointly with the EESC. They bring together key players in European and national civil society organisations, entrepreneurs, academics, EU policy-makers and the media, and provide a forum for dialogue on issues that are of concern to civil society stakeholders at European level, dealing with subjects of great political and societal relevance