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Free Training Course for European Citizenship

Understanding the institutional dynamics, economic, environmental, and security policies of the EU for a commitment towards a solidary and united Europe

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The specific objectives of the course include awareness of peace and security issues, understanding of European dynamics, and analysis of strategies to promote peace and security in the context of European unity.

We believe that education can play a significant role in building a European identity, thanks to its impact on civic participation. Informed and educated citizens are more likely to be actively involved in political and social life, thus contributing to the construction of a conscious and participatory European community.

The first 28 video lessons (of 30 minutes each one) of the course are free and accessible to everyone. Each participant can request access to additional sections of the course to convert it into an Executive Master, and obtain the release of University Educational Credits.

Active Participation

  • Online & Free
  • Multilingual
    • Language Audio: English, Rumanian, Italian (original)
    • Subtitles: French, German, Spanish, English (for the English audio)
  • Certificate of attendance with the technical and scientific sponsorship of the IUL
  • Convertible into Executive Master for obtaining university CFUs

The course is addressed to

  • Citizens interested in the upcoming European Elections, including those intending to run or support political candidates, finding it useful to acquire specific knowledge about united Europe and its peace and security challenges;
  • Teachers and students of high schools and universities interested in a deep understanding of peace, security, and European political dynamics, and careers in international relations, international security, European politics, or related fields;
  • Journalists and media professionals covering European issues to deepen their knowledge of the complexity of peace and security in united Europe;
  • Politicians and public officials operating at national or supranational levels within the European Union. A deep understanding of peace, security, and European political dynamics could be crucial for making informed decisions;
  • NGO workers and professionals who are activists for peace and human rights, interested in gaining a deeper understanding of European political dynamics to support their causes.

The course is also accessible to:

  • all those who, for cultural interest and certification, intend to follow one or more modules in their entirety, obtaining a certificate of participation after the final verification provided for each module;
  • all those who, for cultural interest only, intend to follow one or more video lessons in free choice (on demand) without verification obligations.


  • Prof. Dott. Paolo Frignani
  • Dott.ssa Rossella Zardo
  • Ten. Col. Pierandrea Andriulli
  • Prof. Guglielmo Bernabei
  • Prof. Aurelio Bruzzo
  • Ing. Leonardo Malatesta
  • Avv. Enrico Segala


The course is realized by IUSI Corporate University

The course is supported by:

  • Union of European Federalists
  • Movimento Federalista Europeo
  • Universitatea Dimitrie Cantemir