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UEF reiterates its commitment for EU Treaty change

The Federal Committee of the Union of European federalists (UEF), convened in Brussels on 6th April 2024, RECALLS what stated in the "Manifesto for a Federal Europe" adopted by the Congress of UEF on the 26th of November 2023, in particular that: UNDERLINES that STRESSES that: STATING that NOTICING THAT OBSERVES WITH REGRET THAT: RECALLS […]

For a Federal Europe: the Urgency of Overcoming the Current Treaties

Political Manifesto Adopted by XXVIII UEF European Congress Brussels, 26 November, 2023 The European elections in 2024 are destined to be of extraordinary importance for the European Union and its citizens. At stake is the future of the EU, and the direction to be given to the unification process. The design of a political Europe […]


DRAFT POLITICAL DECLARATION  Approved by UEF Congress in Brussels, 26 November 2023 In December 2022, in an event hosted by the European Parliament in Brussels, the UEF and WFM celebrated together the 75th anniversary of the Montreux Declaration. They reaffirmed their political will to strengthen their cooperation and promote a peaceful, democratic and global governance. This event […]

The atrocities of the wars in Ukraine and Palestine remind us of the urgency of having a federal European government to be able to act on the international stage

Approved by UEF European Congress, Brussels, 26 November 2023 We are living in an international political context that brings us back to a time when conflict is once again a dramatic reality or a real and threatening possibility in many regions. There are many sources of instability in entire regions: from Africa to South-East Asia, […]

Resolution for Restoring Growth and Competitiveness in Europe

The Congress of the Union of European federalists (UEF), meeting in Brussels on 26 November 2023, whereas:− Representing the largest economy in the world, the European Union is committed to ensuring the well-being of its 445 million citizens.− The EU is the world’s largest trader of manufactured goods and services and it ranks first in […]


Approved by the Federal Committee, 21 October 2023 The Federal Committee of the Union of European federalists (UEF), meeting in Brussels on 21 October 2023, whereas considering welcomes and firmly supports strongly urges

On the 40th anniversary of Stuggart Declaration on the future of EUcultural and educational cooperation

Adopted by the UEF Federal Committee in Brussels on 12 February 2023

On a victorious Ukraine in a Federal Europe

Adopted by the UEF Federal Committee in Brussels on 12 February 2023 The UEF Federal Committee, meeting in Brussels on 12 February 2023, having regard to the Ventotene Manifesto of 1941, Defending Ukraine and the implications of the war in Europe B. Towards a new Europe C. Federalism in Ukraine

Resolution on Cybersecurity


Adopted by the UEF XXVII European Congress, Valencia, 4 July 2021