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During the years 2019-2024, the European Parliament was the protagonist of the second attempt in its history to initiate a reform process of the European institutions, which led to the approval of the text for the reform of the Treaties with the vote on 22 November 2023.

At this historic moment, in 2024, after the Covid pandemic, Russia's aggression against Ukraine and the rekindling of the long conflict in the Middle East, European citizens are going to vote again and will have to decide whether or not to renew their trust in political parties that want to empower Europe as federal, sovreign and democratic or against those who campaign for less Europe.

This is  the reason why we are so committed as European Federalists with our political campaign for the incoming European election:

  • with our political manifesto calling all political families  to commit themselves to  reform the Treaties through the opening of a Convention;
  • with an analysis of the political manifestos of the various European political parties to show who is significantly committed to the reform of the Treaties and on which issues they are in favour or against;
  • with a pledge that will be presented to as many candidates as possible asking for a direct commitment on the reform of the Treaties and to become a member of the next Spinelli Group;
  • with an appeal to the citizens and parties for the re-establishment of the Action Committee for the United States of Europe

Our goal

Our objectives are:

  • to invite citizens to vote for a European Parliament that will play a crucial role in the future of the Continent because of the reforms it is called upon to discuss and approve;
  • to highlight during the election campaign the issue of the future of Europe and in particular the reform of the Treaties through the opening of a convention, opposed by the European Council;
  • to show that many of the problems afflicting Europe today in terms of defence, security, efficiency and ability to play a role in the world are caused by the institutional limitations of the EU today;
  • to invite as many candidates as possible from every political spectrum to subscribe to our commitment and join the Spinelli Group;
  • to invite as many personalities to participate on the re-establishment of the Action Committee for the United States of Europe.




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The political Manifesto is the basis for our political actions. It was approved on the last UEF European Congress.

The UEF has made a commitment to promote the contents of this manifesto among the european political families so that they can be included in their programmes for the European Elections.


The Manifestos and political programs overview LINK 1 / LINK 2 (for posters)

The Manifestos and political priorities of the European political parties analysis in comparison of UEF Manifesto LINK


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The aim of this paper is to highlight that the reforms the European Union needs in order to be able to act effectively in areas where common policies are needed can be achieved only through the convening of a Convention, as envisaged by the ordinary revision procedure, and not through other instruments provided for by the Treaties. Neither the simplified revision procedures of Article 48(6) and (7) TEU nor the possibility (provided for in Article 49 TEU) of laying down adjustments to the Treaties on the occasion of the accession of new member States are indeed viable avenues for the effective and comprehensive reform that is needed today.

The Memorandum is sent to the European Parliament, the Commission, the EU Council and national Parliaments and Governments with several communications and advocacy actions.


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To know the results of the pledge goes to the campaign page in every EU country.

Tools for campaign

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Presentation of the Campaign

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