Federal Committee

According to Article 14 of the UEF Statutes, the Federal Committee shall consist of:

  • the Members of the Executive Bureau eligible to vote who are in office at the start of any given conference;
  • the delegates of the Sections comprised of one basic delegate and one additional delegate for each started amount of 200 members;
  • the delegates of the Congress comprised of one delegate for each started amount of 10 delegates in reference to a., b. and paragraph 2;
  • the delegates of the JEF with an equal number of delegates with regard to paragraph 1.c.
  • No Section shall have more delegates than the double amount of the total number of delegates of the 10 Sections that are entitled to have the lowest numbers of delegates.
  • The members are elected to serve until the next UEF Congress. The FC determines the UEF political direction and activities between the Congresses. It organises the Congress, approves the annual budget and final account balances, draws up the rules of procedure of UEF, and elects the UEF Bureau and Treasurer. The Federal Committee shall elect an Auditing Committee of two persons at its first meeting after a Congress with the regular elections of the Executive Bureau.