20 January 2024


We are delighted to inform you that the registration to Federal Committee Meeting on Saturday, 20 January 2024, is now open.

The FC meeting is open to members and observers.

Kindly find here the invitation as sent to the members of the Federal Committee:

If you are unable to attend and your section has already exhausted the list of Substitute Members, you may issue a proxy.



9.00 | Opening of the online platform & registration


9.30 | Opening of the meeting by the President

1. Election of the Presidium

2. Technical explanation of the rules of the meeting

3. Formalities:

3.1 Election of the Tellers

3.2 Election of the Credential Committee

3.3 Approval of the Agenda

3.4 Approval of the Minutes of the last FC meeting (21 October 2023)


9.45 | 4. Decision to convene an extraordinary Congress for the amendments of the statutes

4.1 Presentation by the President and the Secretary General

4.2 Vote on the convening of the extraordinary Congress


10.15 | 5. Election of the internal Auditors


10.30 | 6. Presentation and approval of the 2024 Budget

5.1 Presentation of the budget by the Treasurer

5.2 Presentation of the Activity Plan 2024

5.3 Report by internal Auditors

5.4 Vote on the new Financial and Contribution Order

5.5 Vote on the Budget 2024


11.15 | 7. Approval of the proposal prepared by the EB of the new Political Commissions


11.45 | 8. Workshop on the federalist political campaign up to the European Elections

8.1 Political Introduction by the President

8.2 State of preparation presented by the Secretariat

8.3 Debate and exchange of proposals among participants (FC members and representatives and activists of national sections)


12.45 | Closing remarks by the President


13.00 | Closing of the meeting



The invitation to the federal committee meeting

Registration link (available until 17th January)


ID Meeting 882 4455 8652
Access Code 576283

Proxy form



The folder includes:

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