Letter to the UEF President to the members of the European Parliament

Advocacy action

We publish here the letter signed by the UEF President MEP Domenec Ruiz Devesa sent today to his fellow MEPs to present the Memorandum Why we need a Convention to change the treaties.

Brussels, 22 Febraury 2024

Dear Members of the European Parliament, 

On 22 November 2023, the European Parliament adopted its proposal to amend the Treaties and triggered the procedure of Article 48(2) of the Treaty on European Union.

The EP request has been forwarded by the Council of the European Union to Charles Michel according to the decision taken in the meeting on 18 December 2023. It is now up to the governments to open a discussion on our request to launch a Convention and make a decision.

Yet this item has not been put on the European Council Agenda so far. Moreover there are persistent voices proposing to circumvent the Convention and use the simplified procedures provided for in the Treaties to change certain aspects of the EU's decision-making system, also with a view to enlargement.

Taking all of this into account we send you our Memorandum where we outline the legal and political procedure through which Treaty change can be achieved. It explains clearly why, if we want to make the EU capable of acting effectively in those matters where we need to be united as Europeans, a true and coherent reform of the Treaties is necessary and we have no other option but the opening of a Convention.

A Convention is also the only way to meet the requirements and demands of citizens expressed in previous processes such as the Conference on the Future of Europe. If, on the other hand, governments will only try to touch marginal points of our system, moreover through non-public diplomatic negotiations, they will betray the trust of citizens and democracy.

We encourage you to distribute the Memorandum further and push for the change Europe needs.

Yours faithfully,

Domènec Ruiz Devesa
President of the Union of European Federalists
Member of the European Parliament