Focus Europa ep. 5 | Update about the EU Treaty reform process (ita)

Podcast audio & video
Italy, UEF

UEF and MFE return to participate in Focus Europa, a series of interviews on tomorrow's Europe organised by UEF and MFE with the Italian Twitch channel, Ivan Grieco's La Miniera.

In the final episode for the year 2023 will be interviewed:

1) Giulia Rossolillo, UEF Vice President, Professor of EU Law at the University of Pavia
2) Luisa Trumellini, Secretary General of the UEF
3) Luca Lionello, UEF Federal Committee Member and researcher at the Catholic University of Milan
3) Carlo Maria Palermo, UEF Federal Committee Member, CESPI Scientific Committee Member

The interview is conducted in Italian.

You can watch the episode on Twitch by subscription, soon it will also be on YouTube.

The full series can be reviewed here: LINK
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