UEF France Spring University and March for Europe-Lyon 2024

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PLACE: Centre Social Quartier Vitalité - La Condition des Soies, 7 Rue Saint-Polycarpe, 69001 Lyon, France

In 2024 the European Union will celebrate the 20th anniversary of its most significant enlargement to ten Central and Eastern European states. After a decade marked by numerous crises, in particular the debt crisis, the Covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine, it is time to review the functioning of the Union. This is all the more true considering the prospects of welcoming new member states. This topic is particularly crucial as the 2024 European elections approach in June.

A spring university in partnership

UEF France, UEF  and Young Europeans - France are teaming up to organise conferences with leading academics to explore the issues of welcoming new member states, building defence and diplomacy, and the goals to be given to a European Federation.
To fight against abstention and the rise of nationalism, our associations are convinced of the need to conduct a quality debate on European issues and in particular to propose a federal vision for Europe in 2050.

Proposing a vision for the future of Europe
By presenting concrete proposals and organising debates between the main candidates in the European elections in France, we aspire to develop a federalist vision for Europe in 2050.

Draft agenda

Friday 26 April,

15:00-17:00: Debate on the future of Europe: Ensuring Europe's ability to defend itself

10 years after enlargement to Central and Eastern European countries, what lessons can be learned for future enlargements?

Testimony: Eszter Nagy, President of UEF Hungary (video); Christelle Savall, President of JEF Europe

Sophie Heine, Associate Researcher at the Egmont Institute - Royal Institute for International Relations Royal Institute for International Relations, author of "European Defence for Citizens - Sovereignty, démocratie, Etat de droit".
Daniela Preda, Professor at the University of Genoa, co-organiser of the conference "European defence: a long history a long history moving forward".

Presentation of the Legal Alternative to war campaign of the World Federalist Movement, by Alyn Ware (video)

Moderator: Chloé Fabre

5.30-7 p.m.: Conference about the European Federation, what to do for?

Assessment and prospects of European integration
■ Carlo Maria Palermo, Doctoral student in European Studies, Chair of the PC3 "On Foreign and Security Policy, Defense and Cybersecurity" of the UEF Federal Committee
■ Luca Lionello, Assistant Professor of European Law at the University of Milan, Chair of the PC1 "On Federalist Strategy for a Federal Reform of the EU" of the UEF Federal Committee (in video)

Prospects for a European federation
■ Giulia Rossolillo, Professor of European Union Law at the University of Pavia, Vice President of UEF
■ Florent Parmentier, Secretary General of CEVIPOF, doctor in political science (in video)

Opening: presentation of the UEF political campaign for EE2024, Davide Negri

Moderator: Chloé Fabre

Saturday, 27 April

10:00 - 13:30: Workshop

  • Federalism training
  • Media training
    • Presentation of the Sustainable Food Convention by RESES
    • Presentation of youth policies in Europe by the European Youth Forum
    • Presentation of the EurHope campaign with

15:00 - 17:30: March for Europe

Walking route :
- Departure from Place Louis Pradel, college footbridge
- Passage through the Passerelle du Collège
- End on the banks of the Rhône near the Tête d'Or

Giant map and leafleting on the quays and at the entrance to the Parc de la Tête d'Or

18:00 - 20:00: Debate with the leaders of the European elections in France

Debate with the heads of list on the priorities of young people over the next 5 years
→ 400-seat room
5 questions based on the 5 themes of the Europe for good plea
■ Institutional reform / Enlargement
■ Social support for the ecological transition
■ European budget and own resources
■ European defence
■ Area of freedom (Schengen and migration)
In the presence of the leaders of the lists for the European elections

Maison des Européens de Lyon, 5 rue Pizay, 69 001 Lyon


10:00 - 12:30: Board of Directors open to members



Friday 26 April - Debate on the future of Europe: Ensuring Europe's ability to defend itself

Saturday, 27 April - March for Europe

Saturday, 27 April - Debate with the Candidates