Debate the European Parliament | IE University

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Debate the European Parliament is an event organized at IE University by the IE Debate Club. It is a debate with current members of the European Parliament about the upcoming elections, with the participation of Pablo Arias, Popular Party Representative and Adrian Vazquez, Renew European Representative. Introduction made by Enrique Baron Crespo, former President of the European Parliament and President of the UEF Spain.


January 20, 2024 - Madrid, Spain: The European Parliament Debate took place on January 19th from 15:00 to 17:00 at the prestigious IE Tower, Room 19.03. This engaging forum hosted esteemed guests including Pablo Arias, Representative of the Popular Party; Adrián Vázquez, Representative of the Renew European Party; and Enrique Barón, Former President of the EU Parliament from the European Socialists.

The event proved to be an illuminating discussion on the eve of the upcoming European Parliament elections. With representatives spanning diverse political ideologies, attendees experienced a comprehensive examination of crucial issues facing the European Union.

Pablo Arias, of the Popular Party, brought his wealth of experience and insights into conservative policies, offering his group’s perspective on key matters. Adrián Vázquez, representing the Renew European Party, articulated liberal ideals and advocated for innovative solutions to contemporary challenges. Enrique Barón, a distinguished figure in European politics, provided valuable insights gleaned from his tenure as President of the EU Parliament, offering a seasoned perspective on the Union's trajectory.

Mr. Arias emphasized how the UE “needs to invest in its security” while MEP Vazquez stated that “European matters are not international anymore but national, because if you compare the news about European politics in the newspapers from now to 20 years ago you can realize that”.

The event provided a unique opportunity for students, policymakers, and academics to engage directly with influential voices shaping the future of Europe. Attendees enjoyed an intellectually stimulating discourse, shedding light on critical issues such as economic recovery, EU expansion, the war in Ukraine, the rule of law, and social cohesion.

"We were thrilled to host this dynamic debate, offering a platform for diverse voices to converge and deliberate on the pressing issues facing our continent," remarked the event organizers.