Treaty Reform Now

The European context

After the Conference on the Future of Europe, the European Parliament, with the support of the Commission, has taken action to demand that a Convention for the Reform of the Treaties be initiated, and will present a report with its proposals in the spring. As we well know, the Council of the European Union tried to stall and discourage the idea of initiating EU reform

On the occasion of the event on 2 December 2022, the CoFoE Citizens’Panels Ambassadors – who also represented citizens in the plenary of the Conference - denounced the Council's silence and obstructionism.

The European Parliament needs to feel the support of civil society and citizens in its difficult battle to launch a Convention and reform the Treaties. It is up to us federalists to make this support felt, through concrete actions and initiatives, also by promoting the will expressed by the CoFoE citizens and by working in synergy with them.

Campaign goals

Mobilizing public opinion to:

  • support the European Parliament in its action for the reform of the EU institutions;
  • support the process initiated by the Conference on the Future of Europe and the CoFoE citizens' initiative vis-à-vis the Council of the EU;
  • bring national governments and parliaments to support the initiation of a reform of the Treaties and to give a favourable opinion on the opening of the Convention requested by the European Parliament