The Appeal | 9 May 2021, start the COFOE

Contents of II:

The Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) is a European Union (EU) initiative aimed at reforming its policies and institutions, following large-scale consultations across the continent. Initially presented by President Emmanuel Macron in March 2019, the proposal was subsequently taken up by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, who included it in her vision for the European Commission's (EC) mandate for the 2019-2024 period.

The CoFoE will not consist of a single Conference or event, but of a series of physical and digital meetings, panels and debates involving European citizens.

Both physical and online events may be organised at different transnational, national and regional levels. At the European level, the institutions will be in charge of organising the citizens' panels, which will be broadcast. All events will be conducted in collaboration with civil society and stakeholders.

Areas of discussion as per the digital platform of the CoFoE include:

  • Climate change and environment
  • Health
  • A stronger economy, social justice and jobs
  • EU in the world
  • Values and rights, rule of law, security
  • Digital transformation
  • European democracy
  • Migration
  • Education, culture, youth and sports
  • Other

The door seems to be open to treaty changes but it will all depend on the citizens proposals.

The platform of the CoFoE  was finally launched on Monday 19 April. The platform provides a digital space for citizens to interact and exchange ideas on how they see the future of Europe, and directly feed in the Conference’s panel discussions.

Following a bottom-up approach, the platform is  the central hub of the Conference, bringing together all citizens’ contributions. To allow for a truly pan-European discussion, it is available in all 24 EU official languages through immediate translation.

You can have your say on the future of the European Union here.

UEF was the first political organisation in submitting an idea into the Conference Digital Platform.

Should you have any comments or question about the Conference on the Future of Europe or the role of the Union of European Federalists, do not hesitate to contact us