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Why a Communications Handbook?

In the ongoing effort of the UEF to improve the way our organisation communicates on federalist values, ideas, and actions, the European Secretariat of the UEF is publishing a series of training on communications.

This handbook is the "physical" aspect of this project. It covers the basics to communicate effectively and in a concerted manner. More than ever, the Federalist movement must show unity and deliver concrete results. Our activists, European citizens, and political representatives are counting on us to promote and advance the idea of a federal Europe, sovereign and democratic. One way of achieving this objective is through thoughtful communication.

While this guide is open to all, it is mostly targeted at the people responsible for the communications activities of the UEF's national and local sections. Feel free to share it within your sections, with your members and the people who have a stake in how the UEF or your section communicates.

I hope that this guide will be of use to you. In any case, feel free to contact the Secretariat of the UEF: we are at your service. I wish you a pleasant and informative reading.

Federalist regards,

Anna Echterhoff, Secretary-General of the UEF

How to use this handbook

This guide is written for the novice and the experts alike, as both will find advice adapted to their skills, as well as important information that all Federalist activists should know. This document will give you the most important information and tips for starting and improving your communications activities.

The best way to use the handbook is to apply as much as possible the advice, information, and lessons it contains. After each page, consider how you can enrich your work with what you just read. Proceed to advanced methods only when you are confident in your mastery of the basic elements.

Do not worry: this time will come sooner than you think.

We wish you the best in your communications activities.

Alexandre Météreau, UEF Policy and Communications Officer

Davide Negri, Communication Consultant