EE2024 - UEF, Spinelli Group, JEF, Ass. Jean Monnet Call for Treaty Reform to EPP, PES, Greens, ALDE, EDP

Advocacy action

The federalist and pro-European organisations, the Union of European Federalists, Young European Federalists, the Parliamentary Intergroup Spinelli Group, and the Jean Monnet Association, are co-signatories of five letters that we publish below addressed to the Presidency and Secretariat of the main pro-European political families in the European Parliament - EPP, PES, Greens, ALDE, EDP.

Each letter recalls the point in their electoral programme arguing for a reform of the Treaties to strengthen the European Union to make it fit for the challenges of our time.

Finally, a call is made to all political families that:

  • call on the pro-European political forces to develop a pan-European debate and champion Treaty revisions aimed at fortifying the Union's capacity to act effectively and protect its citizens' interests;
  • ask that, subsequent to the elections for the European Parliament in June 2024, request the European Council´s support for the opening of the Treaty reform procedure (article 48 of the TFEU) on the basis of Parliament´s Amendments to the Treaty Report of 22nd November 2023 as a precondition for endorsing its proposal for the President of the European Commission;
  • call for the presidential candidate´s commitment to the said Treaty reform in order to get the full backing of the parliamentary group for his/her election and that of the entire College of Commissioners.