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Pledge for candidates for the European Parliament

These European elections are destined to be of extraordinary importance for the European Union and its citizens. At stake is the direction to be given to the unification process, and thus our future.

Most European governments and all democratic political forces agree that we urgently need to become capable of acting united at the European level in an effective way: against the return of imperial powers, in order to be able to be influential and to influence the international arena and to guarantee our own security, to face the challenges of climate change, wars, the competitiveness of our economy, financial instability and massive migration flows.

At the same time, to build this capacity to act effectively at European level, some crucial reforms of the European Union are needed: regarding the decision-making system, the budget, the competences, the powers of the European Parliament, the role and training of the European Commission, also to redress the current imbalance in favour of intergovernmental instances that do not allow the common interest to emerge. The quality leap in European policies, the defence of our freedom and the rule of law, the strength of our democracy depends on this revision of the current European political-institutional system.

The outgoing European Parliament, in continuity with the Conference on the Future of Europe (in which the representatives of the Citizens, in agreement with the representatives of the European and national institutions, had identified a series of improvements and reforms needed to make Europe more capable of action and more democratic), approved a Report on the reform of the Treaties on 22 November, which is now in the hands of the governments - who should decide by a simple majority in the European Council to launch the process of the Convention provided for by the Treaties for reforms. This is the only concrete and effective proposal capable of creating all those European instruments that the governments themselves claim, but then refuse to build. A proposal that the new enlargement makes all the more cogent, given that there is unanimous agreement in Europe on the need to proceed in parallel with enlargement and institutional and political deepening.

Within this framework, the next European Parliament will have to pick up the baton of the outgoing Assembly and commit itself to keeping alive the claim of a Convention as an instrument to open the debate on the reform of the Treaties.

As a candidate for the European Parliament I therefore declare that I strongly support

  • the need to provide the European Union with the competences, autonomous resources and adequate powers (starting with budgetary power) to implement the common policies necessary to defend security, the rule of law, the social sustainability of the inescapable green and digital transitions, guaranteeing a future of progress for European citizens
  • the overcoming of unanimity and the right of veto through the extension of the ordinary legislative procedure (implying the strengthening of the European Parliament and the European Commission);
  • the need for this to be done by opening a Convention in continuity with what the outgoing European Parliament called for in order to reform the Treaties.

I also declare my availability, if elected, to be part of the Spinelli Group, which in the outgoing legislature animated the political debate on the construction of a more capable and democratic Europe and the work of elaborating the proposals for the reform of the Treaties


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