UEF at the PES Congress 2024

Advocacy action

Rome, 2 march 2024 | The UEF Secretariat attended the extraordinaty Congress of European Socialist Party that voted on the political manifesto for the European elections and the common candidate, the Spitzenkandidat, Nicolas Schimt.

Members of the European Federalist Movement (UEF Italy) and European Federalist Youth (JEF Italy) also participated with their banner "It is time to do the United States of Europe" and presenting their political documents.

UEF Secretary General Luisa Trumellini handed over the UEF political documents to the common candidate Nicolas Schmit.

Throughout the congress, participants were invited to send a message to EU Council President Charles Michel: "Dear President Charles Michel, we urge the EUCO to launch the Convention to reform the Treaties", using the frame of the political campaign of the UEF.


We point out that the PES Political Manifesto, on page 19, advocates treaty reform:

"Enlargement must go hand in hand with a serious assessment of what reforms of the EU architecture are needed, for a more efficient and democratic Europe that is more transparent and closer to its citizens.

  • On this basis, we will use the next parliamentary term to strengthen the EU’s capacity to act in an enlarged Union, with targeted Treaty changes.
  • We need to empower the European Parliament and the European Commission with tools to safeguard our democracy, strengthen our economy, protect our environment and our social model."