Workshop on Ukrainian EU membership - What YOU can do about it and how WE get organized?

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The Union of European Federalists, Europa Union Frankfurt, and the European Movement Lithuania, are delighted to invite you to their joint event.

Ukraine is the EU and the EU is Ukraine.

Recent political developments revealed that citizen demands can play a key role in securing the victory of freedom and European values over tyranny and bringing Ukraine to our European family. However, in order for Europeans to be heard in the Member States and at the EU level it is crucial to speak in solidarity and with one voice.

In this Workshop, that is part of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation’s Event “Café Kyiv – We Choose Freedom”, we would like:

  • to present to participants the importance of pro-European civil society organizations in promoting political changes and pushing politicians for action,
  • to provide participants with practical knowledge and advice on starting, maintaining and developing a pro-European NGO in the EU,
  • to present for Ukrainian civil society the largest pan-European network organizations and why becoming a member is relevant for UA membership in EU,
  • to build a sustainable contact network uniting representatives of EU- and Ukrainian civil society organizations to work for UA membership in EU.

Therefore, we kindly invite Ukrainians and all European friends of Ukraine to join our Workshop and discuss with us.

Register to the online event here: link.

Register to the in-person workshop in Berlin here: link.


  • Petras Auštrevičius MEP, Renew Europe
  • Anna Echterhoff, Secretary General of the Union of European Federalists
  • Sandro Gozi MEP, Renew Europe, President of the Union of European Federalists
  • Klaus Klipp, President of Europa Union Frankfurt

Moderator: Laura Tatarėlytė, Executive Director of the European Movement Lithuania.