The stakes of the European elections in Hungary

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Friday 10th of May from 18.00 | Online

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Following the pardon scandal that erupted in early February this year and resulted in the resignation of the president of the republic and the top EP candidate of Fidesz, a new politician appeared in public life in Hungary, the former husband of Judit Varga, the former justice minister. The newcomer, Péter Magyar managed to attract masses of people to his manifestations both in Budapest and the countryside unseen in the past 14 years of Fidesz-rule. He seems to have completely changed the political landscape, overtaking most - if not all - traditional opposition parties by some polls. He will run at the European elections, aiming to join the EPP group that was left by Fidesz some years ago.

His rise is unparalleled since the system change, and his ambitions are also high. How successful can he become at the two upcoming elections taking place within only a month? Will he be able to maintain this hype? Can a former Fidesz politician become the antidote against the Orban-regime? And what are the impacts on the European level?

We are searching for answers to these and other related questions with Daniel Hegedus, research fellow at the German Marshall Fund in Berlin and Eszter Nagy, president of UEF Hungary, local councillor in the 2nd district of Budapest, and running again at the next municipal elections. The discussion will be moderated by Tobias Spöri, political scientist specialized in the CEE region teaching at the Vienna University.