Preparing the Conference on the Future of Europe

Contents of I:

The current crisis has shown the importance of acting united as Europeans in an effective and supportive way. In tackling the pandemic, the Union has been faced with an unprecedented challenge, and has already made choices that indicate the need and the will to strengthen its political unity.

The Conference on the future of Europe will be an absolute opportunity to debate a concrete project for a stronger Union, involving citizens in a transparent and participatory process by which they can become increasingly aware of the fundamental importance of our unity as Europeans and actively participate in the reform processes that can achieve it.

As federalists we have an important role to play in this phase, towards the citizens and towards politics and institutions.

“We are living a Darwinian moment in Europe, and that helps us better promote Europe. UEF has to exploit this occasion to change the public opinion and mobilise citizens to reform the European Union” 




Resolution "Our Federal Europe, Sovereign and Democratic"

The UEF manifests its call for a federal Europe - today more necessary than ever - and points out on which items to work primarily to achieve this goal. The UEF emphatically calls on the political decision-makers to finally start the Conference on the future of Europe.


Appeal to the European Institutions and Governments of the Member States "Our Federal Europe, Sovreign and Democratic"