Treaty Reform Now Made Simple #1 | An EU Fiscal Union will PREVENT the next Brexit - here is why


The European Union (EU) has been a driving force for economic integration and stability among its member states. However, the current EU budget system faces significant challenges, including uneven contributions and structural inefficiencies. To address these issues and strengthen the EU, this video delves into the history of EU financing, examines the problems with the EU budget today, and explores the potential benefits of a fiscal union. By analyzing these aspects, we can work towards a more cohesive and sustainable future for the European Union and its member states.

This video is realized with the contribution of Giulia Rossollillo, Member of the Executive Bureau of the UEF and professor of the European Union Law at the University of Pavia.

This video is co-produced by the Union of the European Federalists, co-funded by CERV grant 2023 of the European Union, and YouTube Channel "EU made SIMPLE".