“We are not allowed to give up”

Europe must continue supporting the Ukrainian resistance and to do so it must strengthen and unite more. #TreatyReformNow
Press Release

Today marks the second year of the Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine. On this important date for Europe and the besieged country, the European federalists want to reiterate their support to Ukraine and its people.
One more year of war and immense loss has passed. Russia showcased yet again its disregard towards human rights and basic human dignity, committing war crimes against Ukraine and atrocities against its own citizens who dared take a stand against Putin’s regime.
The EU has a historical and moral responsibility to ensure peace in the area. Yet we saw once again how limited the current institutional framework is, where one man’s personal political interest can halt for months necessary sanctions and funding. Looking at the historical progress on Enlargement we have made so far, we also have to look at the reform the EU itself needs and the necessary changes its institutions, to bring the EU project to its next step. To stand with Ukraine now, and provide security to all current and future European citizens, the EU must become the kind of Union envisaged by the Conference on the Future of Europe, and moved forward by the Parliament's proposal for a Convention.
For the past months we have seen a raise in scepticism regarding Ukraine’s chances to win. This is a situation of our own making, where our frameworks do not allow for effective actions. Ukraine is currently shielding the whole of Europe against Russian onslaught at the cost of its own people’s lives and livelihoods. We must not give up on supporting them.
The Union of European Federalists remains committed to seeing a victorious Ukraine join the European Union.’ said Domènec Ruiz Devesa, UEF President.
UEF has and will continue to support Ukraine and its people through whichever means possible. With this occasion we are inviting everyone to join us for the march organized by Promote Ukraine in Brussels tomorrow 25 February and to watch our intervention with Promote Ukraine at the podcast organised by the YouTube channel The EU Made Simple.


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