Our members | 26 Constituents Sections | +400 Local Sections

UEF consists of 26 member organizations that are autonomous centers of the UEF activities, reaching the EU citizens and spreading the federalists' message to them by organizing various activities in their countries. They are free to take up any activities within the general political framework of UEF at the European level. The elected and nominated representatives of these sections gather twice a year during the UEF Federal Committee to determine the UEF political direction and activities.

The Union of European Federalists is formed by three typologies of members:

National sections

They are the organizations formed by the individual members on a national level.

Individual members

People who resides in a country with no UEF national section may become a individual member.

Our bodies

European Congress

It meets every two years. The composition is proportional to the number of members and there are adjustments to ensure the representation of smaller sections.

Federal Committee

The members are elected to serve until the next UEF Congress. The FC determines the UEF political direction and activities between the Congresses. It organizes the Congress, approves the annual budget and final account balances, draws up the rules of procedure of UEF, and elects the Executive Bureau and Treasurer.