Repensando Europa #1 | For a Federal Europe

Podcast audio & video
Spain, UEF

We are pleased to present before the end of 2023, the new podcast "Repensando Europe: ideas para una Europa Federal" produced by the collaboration between UEF and UEF Spain, produced and moderated by Kevin Febres of the UEF Madrid section, whom we thank for his commitment.

This podcast aims to help disseminate the contents of the European federalists in Spanish, in this historical moment of change for Europe and in view of the European elections of 2024.

The pilot episode is moderated by Kevin Fabres, who interviews Alejandro Peinado Garcia, Secretary of UEF Spain and member of the Executive Bureau of the UEF, on the importance of the reform of the EU Treaties at this historical moment, the role of the European federalists in this context and a brief analysis of the role of the Spanish rotating presidency of the EU Council.

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