Repensando Europa #4 | The legal steps towards treaty reform [ESP]

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We are pleased to present before the end of 2023, the new podcast "Repensando Europe: ideas para una Europa Federal" produced by the collaboration between UEF and UEF Spain, produced and moderated by Kevin Febres President of UEF Madrid, whom we thank for his commitment.

This podcast aims to help disseminate the contents of the European federalists in Spanish, in this historical moment of change for Europe and in view of the European elections of 2024.

The fourth episode is moderated by Kevin Fabres, who interviews Giulia Rossolillo the Vice-President of the Union of European Federalists, Full professor of European Law at University of Pavia, and director of the political review The Federalist.

Giulia explains the legal steps for treaty reform. She begins by pointing out that the process of reforming the Treaties began in an anomalous way that was not envisaged in the Treaties. In fact, the proposal we have today started with the Conference on the Future of Europe, a large assembly where citizens had a voice to say what to improve about the European Union.

The European Parliament used the results of the conference and used them to draft a reform proposal approved on 22 November, calling for Article 48 to be applied.

Then she explains how the real problem with Article 48 is in the European Council, which should unanimously approve this reform, but where consensus is lacking. That is why some believe that the EU could be reformed with Article 49 of the Treaty (the article that applies to EU enlargement), which allows for minimal Treaty changes.

She then recalls which points of the Treaty, for the European federalists, should be reformed.

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