17-19 November | Saturdays For Europe

Call to action

#SaturdaysForEurope are a series of street actions organised by European federalists to connect with citizens and raise public awareness, advocating for the draft treaty of the amendment of the treaty, rejecting the current dysfunctional European structure and endorsing a federal, sovereign, and democratic Europe.

During the weekend of 17 to 19 November, European federalists will hit the streets of Europe (in presence or online), aiming to promote the proposal for the federal reform of the European Union, as approved by the European Parliament Committee on Constitutional Affairs. This proposal is set to be endorsed during the plenary session of the European Parliament on 20 to 23 November.

Action Steps

  1. Organize actions: until 16 Novemeber, UEF Secretariat collects details of the city that will particpate to this action
  2. 17-19 November, actions of the Saturday of Europe
  3. 18-19 November, evening online event to show the results of the action (tbc)

What does the Saturdays For Europe action consist of?

1) Download and print the Saturdays For Europe material

Poster (print in A1 or A2 size)



2) Organise actions and take pictures and/or videos

Plan a street action, a meeting with fellow Federalists online, a flash mob, a declaration of a city council. Every action count!

Tip. Let the UEF Secretariat know about your mobilisation: on 16 November we will publish the list of all the cities where the mobilisation will take place.

To coordinate our action we can use this Whatsapp Group (LINK HERE) or send a message via email to davide.negri@federalists.eu.

3) Example of actions

Example of video intervention: max 90 seconds is good.

Tip. invite a well-known person in your city to make a testimonial or a photo with the box "Dear President Metsola".

4 novemebre Milano Lorenzetti - UEF

Tip 2: also online action counts. If it is prohitive with the weather organize something outside, stay at home.

Prova screen video conference - UEF

4) Share photos and videos on social media with the hashtag #SaturdaysForEurope

5) Let the whole UEF know about your action

Share your material here

or send via email to secretariat@federalists.eu

The UEF Secretariat will:

  • showcase contributions on its social media;
  • showcase during an online event on 18 or 19 November.
  • incorporate them into the UEF's action at the European Parliament on the day of the vote at the plenary.
Untitled design 15 - UEF