Europos federalistai Lietuvoje

UEF Lithuania was established on 3 February, 2012 (official press release) and since 13 April 2013 is a member of the UEF. Its main goal is to advance the federalist agenda and promote pro-European debate in Lithuania. UEF Lithuania strives to become a significant voice in the wider public debate in Lithuania about Europe and Lithuania's place in it.

UEF Lithuania is committed to the following activities to advance its objectives:

  • to inform the Lithuanian society about the ideas of European federalism and the importance of united Europe;
  • to participate and induce discussions on the place and role of Lithuania in EU;
  • to spread written and verbal information related to its activities; to promote values, objectives and tasks of UEF Lithuania;
  • to organize meetings, trainings, seminars, conferences, public actions and other kind of events;
  • to publish periodical and/or occasional papers related to the relevant topics of UEF Lithuania;
  • to provide policy suggestions for institutions and organizations, which deal with issues relevant to the promotion of European federalism;
  • to represent members of UEF Lithuania and cooperate with national and international organizations, which share similar ideas and objectives.

President and/or Secretary General
President, Dr Klaudijus Maniokas
Secretary-General, Laura Tatarėlytė

.Savickio 11-1
01108, Vilnius
Tel: +37052396660


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