Európai Föderalisták Uniója - Magyaroszág Egyesület

UEF Hungary was established in 2013. As a part of a pan-European federalist civil movement and as a cross-parties association, UEF Hungary brings together those Hungarian and European citizens who are ready to strive for building up a federal Europe. UEF Hungary provides a common platform for those Hungarian and European citizens who can and will engage themselves for democracy, and who are ready to create and contribute to contructive discussions on the topics of federalism.

The main goal of UEF Hungary is to stimulate the debate on major issues and challenges related to an ever closer European integration through conferences, seminars, training programs. More specifically, this imply:
- Participating and representing the Hungarian federalists in political events, meetings of civil groups and clubs and in the media, in order to raise awareness and build consesus on federalist goals;
- Giving lectures in schools and universities on the role of Europe in the world, on European citizenship, on European governance, and on new global challenges such as the environment, energy, common security policy, etc.;
- Strengthening the section from both a political and organisational point of view at local level;
- Meeting the aspirations of citizens and civil society in order to encourage their active contribution to the "European project";
- Following closely EU related news and taking a stance on current issues by producing position papers, press releases, articles and analysis in the media, informing the public via the website, via Twitter UEF Hungary and Facebook (Európai Föderalisták Uniója Magyarország);
- Creating a synergy with other civil society organizations and all kind of political parties working towards a more integrated Europe.

President and/or Secretary General
President, Eszter Nagy


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