Unie evropských federalistů v ČR

The Union of European Federalists in the Czech Republic organizes regular sessions in the Senate - upper chamber of the Czech Parliament - with personalities of the political and economic spheres in the country.

Main concerns and goals of the organisation:

  • to bring the interest of ordinary citizens to EU affairs and their fundaments in order to understand common European principles and interests;
  • to make Europe act in the Global policies;
  • to establish the European Ministry of Finance as an essential point to avoid the next crisis in any Eurozone Member State without necessity of changing Treaties;
  • to establish one executive head of the European Union;
  • make the European sustainable political space via promoting Transnational election's lists of candidates to the European Parliament, media etc.

President and/or Secretary General
Secretary-General, Ivo Kaplan

Na Belidle 10
CZ - 150 00 Praha
+420 777 177 889


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