European Movement Switzerland

The European Movement Switzerland (Europäische Bewegung Schweiz / Movement européen Suisse / Movimento europeo Svizzera) is an independent political organization. Its vision is the creation of a European federation based on the values of democracy, peace, human rights and rule of law, subsidiarity, social justice and the protection of the environment. It promotes political, economic and cultural cooperation in Europe.

The European Movement Switzerland’s goal is the accession of Switzerland to the European Union. It therefore supports political initiatives aimed at deepening Switzerland's European integration and strengthening the awareness of European belonging. It is committed to a rapid accession, as this is the only way for Switzerland to participate actively and to co-decide in a sovereign manner in the framework of European cooperation. The European Movement Switzerland is both the Swiss section of the Union of European Federalists and the European Movement International.

President and/or Secretary General
President, Eric Nussbaumer
Secretary-General, Raphaël Bez

European Movement Switzerland
Scheibenstrasse 29
CP 481
CH - 3000 Berne 22


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