Political Commissions Test

In the UEF Political Commissions of the Federal Committee for the years 2024-2025, it is  possible to deepen the topics related to the process of European unification, and to the great challenges that our societies are facing in this new phase of international politics, in the fields of economy, security, environment, defense of rights and democracy.

The PCs will work extensively online, so each FC member will also be able to subscribe to several PCs, if he or she is interested in the topics being discussed.

Below is a short description of each PC, prepared by the Chairs. At the bottom there is a button for registering for the various Commissions. It will then be the responsibility of the UEF Secretariat to maintain the mailing lists of each PC, to promote the circulation of documents and internal debate. However, the online meetings will always be open and publicly announced.

Political Commission 1 (PC1) - On Federalist Strategy for a Federal Reform of the EU
Chair: Luca Lionello
Rapporteur: Alejandro Peinado

PC1 will discuss several substantial and strategical issues connected to the federal reform of the European Union.  Looking at the current moment of European integration, the debate will focus on several topics, such as:

  • Treaty change for a more federal Europe (e.g. the AFCO proposal)
  • the EU electoral law,
  • future EU enlargement and institutional adjustments
  • transparency in the European decision-making process
Political Commission 2 (PC2) - Social Justice, Culture, Education and Health
Chair: Gloria vara Giner
Rapporteur: Giorgio Clarotti

PC2 will address health, education and issues helping to address the current social transition in Europe and abroad.

Until #EP24 elections in June, the Chair and Rapporteur propose to work on:

  • The Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027) LINK HERE
  • European Health as requested in the #CoFoE conference in the Future of Europe and taken-up in the LINK HERE
  • AI and Social Justice - challenges and opportunities
Political Commission 3 (PC3) - On Foreign and Security Policy, Defense and Cybersecurity
Chair: Carlo Maria Palermo
Co-rapporteurs: Wolfgang Wettach and Antonio Argenziano

PC3 will works on those Political Priorities:

  • Keep reflection and analysis on common Foreign Policy and Defense;
  • Evaluation of European security (Strategic autonomy; Europe’s posture regarding Russia, MENA region, EU role in NATO and US);
  • Ongoing conflicts and crises: War in Ukraine; Israel-Hamas War; crises in West Africa (role of EU Civil cooperation); safety and reliance of international trade networks (e.g. Red sea crisis);
  • I. and Cybersecurity

More info here: LINK

Political Commission 4 (PC4) - On the European Green Deal, Energy union, digital transition, and related economic policies
Chair: Chloé Fabre
Rapporteur: Markus Ferber

After #EP24 elections in June, the Chair and Rapporteur propose to work on:

  • federalists' contibutions on ecological issues;
  • federalist overview ofthe achievements of the Green Deal
  • interaction between the ecological transition and the competitiveness of European industry in an international context.
Political Commission 5 (PC5) - On migration, rule of law and justice
Chair: Mădălin Blidaru
Co-rapporteurs: Daphne Gogou and Christelle Savall

PC5 is committed to advancing the debate and federalist agenda on issues related to these priority topics  identified by the European Citizens during the Conference on the Future of Europe: respect of  human dignity, freedom of expression, democracy, promotion of equality-inclusive societies, the deepening of  the rule of law mechanism,  the respect of all  human rights and  all interrelated founding values of the European Union.

The Chair and Rapporteur propose to work on:

  • Implementation of the New Pact on Migration and Asylum
  • Rule of law and fundamental rights in the aftermath of the EU elections
  • Enlargement and rule of law: state of play and prospects

More info HERE